Bicycling Montana

Road Cycling

The Bitterroot Trail - Day trips; all skill levels.

Travel down to Missoula's neighboring Bitterroot Valley...

Pedal alongside the stunning Bitterroot Mountains on this paved trail tour!

Included in your tour: pick-up/delivery of your rental bicycles (if applicable; bikes rented separately) and your group at their chosen location, scenic views, boxed lunch, and add-on options for more "touring" of nearby towns.


The Shuttle remains "on-call", close to riders for basic support. Choose one or more of several options for riding distances--from a short 5.9 mile "Family Ride", to the "Full Ride" extending from Lolo to Hamilton, MT.  Bitterroot Trail is a mostly flat trail.  See tour options below... Let's go!

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"The Family Ride"

(Lolo to Florence, MT)

5.9 miles; 30 min-1 hour ride time

$170 per person

"The Corvallis Cycle"

(Lolo to Corvallis, MT)

29 miles; 2-2.5 hour ride time

$288 per person

"The Midway Ride"

(Lolo to Stevensville, MT)

14 miles;  approx.1.25-1.5 hour ride time

$210 per person

"The FULL Ride"

(Lolo to Hamilton, MT)

32.5 miles; 2.5-3 hour ride time

$326 per person

"The Victor Ride"

(Lolo to Victor, MT)

21.6 miles; 1.75-2 hour ride time

$249 per person

Want an 'out and back' option?

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The Bitterroot Valley Tour -

Day trip; Intermediate-advance skill levels.

Further down the Bitterroot Valley...

This 50-mile ride road ride includes pick-up/delivery of your rental bicycles (if applicable; bikes rented separately) and your group at their chosen location, boxed lunch, and basic Shuttle support.


Intermediate to advanced skills recommended as there will be some hills and highway riding... 

Starting your ride in Lolo, MT on the locally celebrated Bitterroot Trail, you head south to the town of Hamilton, MT, where the trail ends.  From there, continue on the road (Highway 93) heading south past ever-stunning views, open fields and gobs of nature.  The Shuttle meets your group in the tiny western town of Darby, MT (Harvest Foods). Load up your gear and head into town for more touring (optional), or, return to Missoula.

(Additional touring options include visit to 'downtown' Darby--meal/beverage stop, gift shopping and more; and up to 1-hour visit to nearby, beautiful Lake Como--no, not Italy...still Darby...)   "Pedal on!"

Fee: $340 per person

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 Lake Como Mountain Bike Tour

Just over an hour south of Missoula, is a gorgeous mountain lake, and a trail... It may seem 'easy', circumnavigating the lake, but don't let this seemingly flat trail fool you--there are easy and somewhat challenging spots on this lakeside single track...

The experience gets better when you stop to take in the other natural wonders of this place. 

Tour includes: pick-up/delivery of your rental bikes (if applicable; bikes rented separately), boxed lunch and water refills. ...Como see for yourself!

Options include:  the "Basic Shuttle", which returns immediately to Missoula after your ride, or, the "Tour" which takes your group to the nearby town of Darby, MT, just south of the lake for up to 2 hours of meal/beverage stops, gift shopping, and, more.  Add-on a brewery stop in a chosen town on the return to Missoula for an extended tour experience!

Ride length/time: 7.94 (around the lake) / approx. 2 hours (with breaks)*

Basic Shuttle Fee (no extra touring): $338 per person

Tour fee (visits Darby): $387 per person

*Suggested skill level: Intermediate to Advanced; no guide, no Shuttle support while on the trail)

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 Point-to-point Shuttling - Road, Mountain Biking:

Your itinerary

Contact MTAS with your Road or MTB itinerary, and the Shuttle will accommodate your drop-off and pick-up schedules. Mountain bike shuttling to-from trailheads is currently limited to Bitterroot Mountain NF and Nez-Perce Clearwater NF only.

Need a Rental Bike? 
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Heading to Butte for your Mountain Bike Adventure?
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Montana Adventure Shuttle can transport your group to Butte for your self-guided cycling trip, or,

meet up with Linked Adventures - "your headquarters for mountain bike rentals, shuttle transportation, route planning, and full adventure planning for your group in the greater Butte and surrounding southwest Montana." 

Solo travelers - Contact for pricing

Small Group (2-5 Passengers): 

Trip Fee: $233

Large Group (6-10 Passengers): 

Trip Fee: $257

PRIVATE Shuttle Rate (1-11 passengers):

Trip Fee: $350

Prices are for one-way transportation to or from Butte;

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