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Glacier National Park Shuttling


**typically late Sept/Oct - June

Visitors can still journey to one of Montana's most treasured and most visited vacation destinations, even in the 'off seatson'!  Enjoy a scenic drive up to "GNP" with your group...

Let's Go!


*Glacier NP resides alongside the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation. Areas of the park that are accessed via the reservation may be inaccessible at this time. 

Visit GNP's website, and the Blackfeet Nation website for more information.

Please respect all rules in place for both entities.

Although Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed from Lake McDonald Lodge to St. Mary's Lake during winter, visitors may still enter Glacier National Park and enjoy its scenic and wild splendor! 

Day trips and overnights to both the west and east sides of the park are still possible, with MTAS itineraries or DYOR (design your own route) plans. 

Recreational opportunities in winter exist in Glacier, and include hiking, XC Skiing, snowshoeing within the park! 

Services within and immediately around the park will be extremely limited this time of year.

* Like "packaged trips" or need assistance with planning? CONTACT MTAS to help plan your trip and reserve your group's seats!

[Please click HERE for road closure updates.]

* Please try to book tour at least 7 days in advance, or Contact for availability.

SAMPLE ITINERARY * FULL DAY ~ Glacier Shuttle Trip ~ Winter ~ West side only

*Includes: transportation to-from GNP, any necessary stops en route, 4.5 hours allotted time within the park (or, some time in the park and time outside for a meal stop, shopping, etc. en route)

Shuttle times: Beginning 8:00 a.m. (or earlier, TBD)

*Does not include park entry fee, equipment rental fees or meals -- CONTACT for "Packaged trips" (including meals, equipment, etc.)

SAMPLE ITINERARY * FULL DAY ~ Glacier Shuttle Trip ~ Winter ~ EAST side only

*MTAS recommends overnight trips for east side excursions. Services/lodging options may be limited.

CONTACT for assistance or passenger-designed itinerary fees.

Shuttle times: TBD 

Fee: TBD

*Does not include park entry fee

Additional information / Links

** MTAS is not permitted to transport passengers on Going-to-the-Sun Road from Lake McDonald Lodge on the west side to the Rising Sun Campground on the east side. 

* DRIVE TIME (one way, Missoula to Apgar Village):  approx. 2h 50min 


* Glacier National Park home:

* Backcountry camping:

* Bicycling, hiking, fishing, camping and more:

* West Glacier, MT info:

See LINKS page for more Glacier  travel guide information

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