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Hiking Trips

Area day hikes, overnight adventures, point-to-point, out-and-back...whatever!

"The Shuttle" is your ride!

Missoula Area - Hiking for Preservation

On the south side of our city resides some pretty special trails. The land had been donated by private individuals,

preserved by local non-profit organizations, and dug into walking and biking trails by local sponsors and volunteers!

Your MTAS shuttle trip will help preserve and maintain these beloved favorites, as 2% of profits from these shuttle trips will be donated to the local non-profits:  Five Valleys Land Trust, and The Nature Conservancy of Montana.

Barmeier Trail

From Pattee Canyon Drive - 1.54 miles to overlook 46 mins approx, moderate pace...

Barmeier to Sousa - point-to-point

Inez Creek Trail head

Little Park Creek Trail head

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