Montana Adventure Shuttle

Airport Shuttling 

Events, seating availability for tours around Missoula, MT

Shuttle service in-town or out-of-town

Group Shuttling for 1-11 passengers per trip.  

Reservations required. 

Shared shuttles; priced per group, per trip.

PETS welcome, but must be transported in a carrier.
Includes:  First 30 minutes of shuttle's "wait time" at airport
Additional time/mileage fees:  to be determined at pick-up.

MISSOULA VALLEY (on valley floor): (see map)

1-2 passengers: $21.00/trip

3-11 passengers: $30.00/trip

MSO BOUNDARY MAP - 1-31-19.png

Missoula Valley boundary map

BEYOND MISSOULA VALLEY ("in the hills": see map)

(Includes: North--Grant Creek, Upper Rattlesnake;

East--E. Missoula*;

South--Lower and upper Miller Crk. (all south hills); 

West--to The Barn on Mullan*

1-2 passengers: $26.00/trip

3-11 passengers: $33.00/trip

Contact to inquire about your specific location and 

(Both Departure and return shuttle trips can be booked in the same booking session.)

(Outside Missoula Valley) 
Sample destinations (below) to popular town centers from within Missoula Valley or Missoula International Airport:
(CONTACT for other towns/specific locations and for LARGER GROUP RATES (6-11 people) )
Rates for Solo (1) passengers
(10% discounted rate)

Bitterroot Valley: (approx. travel time)

Lolo...$53 -- (30m)

Hamilton...$104 -- (1h 15m)

Darby...$139 -- (1.5 hrs)

Flathead Region:

Polson...$130 -- (1h 15m)

Kalispell...$223 -- (2h 15m)

Whitefish...$248 -- (2.5h)

Seeley-Swan Valley: 

Seeley Lake...$117-- (1h 10m)

Condon....$166 -- (1.5h)

Southwest Region:

Philipsburg...$144 -- (1h 20 m)

Butte...$197 -- (2h 45m)


Rates for 2-5 passengers

Bitterroot Valley: (approx. travel time)

Lolo...$59 -- (30m)

Hamilton...$116 -- (1h 15m)

Darby...$154 -- (1.5 hrs)

Flathead Region:

Polson...$144 -- (1h 15m)

Kalispell...$248 -- (2h 15m)

Whitefish...$275 -- (2.5h)

Seeley-Swan Valley: 

Seeley Lake...$130 -- (1h 10m)

Condon....$184 -- (1.5h)

Southwest Region:

Philipsburg...$160 -- (1h 20 m)

Butte...$219 -- (2h 45m)


  • $100 DEPOSIT REQUIRED for all online reservations for all out-of-town trips.  Final fees will be determined before trip; balance due or refund of difference will apply. Contact for estimates.

  • Balances due may be payable online or at time of pick-up (options present during booking)

Trips Include:

Bottled water, USB-ports, maps, travel resources; any necessary stops en-route

* Book online, or Contact for availability

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