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New! A Tour of Missoula...

New to Missoula and want to get your bearings, photos, and see what life is like in the Garden City?

Visitors (or new residents) can enjoy this 2-hour driving tour around the Missoula Valley, through the University of Montana campus to popular trailheads, historic places, and more! Get a view from a high point, and delve into the diversity of Missoula's neighborhoods, recreation areas and downtown...

Want more?! Add a 1-hour activity to the tour (for additional fee), choosing any of the suggested tours on the webpage or come up with your own additional activity to make your tour complete!

MTAS is happy to shuttle you around Missoula, and offer ideas for a fun and interesting stay! For details, click HERE, or visit:

For more information about other shuttling services MTAS offers, visit the About page or MTAS Shuttling page of the website!

Welcome to Missoula!

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