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New Special Tour Offering...

MTAS is excited to be taking on new roads and new opportunities, partnering-up with local guides and professionals to offer guided tours!

Starting now with a half-day trip to the NATIONAL BISON RANGE, groups of 5-10 passengers will enjoy a private shuttle experience, and an interpretive experience with local biologist, Wenfei Tong of Big Sky Safaris, LLC!

Entrance fees, wildlife watching, and lunch are also included in the tour fee. Bottled water will be available on-board.

Cost of the tour is $1050; seating is limited to 5-10 people.

Contact MTAS (406-493-2345) for available dates and check out the web page HERE on this and other future tours! Also, be sure to visit Big Sky Safari's site at:

Looking forward to new Adventures....Let's Go!

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