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An MTAS Passenger Profile

“Behind the Wheel” – Vol. 2 – 03/05/2018

Who rides the Shuttle!?

While the majority of MTAS's services are geared for group travel, solo passengers will also come aboard to experience Montana. Leslie D. was one of my passengers in September of 2017, and seemed in awe of all that Montana had to offer! Leslie grew up in Baltimore though has lived in the Midwest for years. While visiting Missoula, she enjoyed the Shuttle's Tour of Missoula with her father, then traveled solo with me to Glacier National Park, the National Bison Range, and Bannack Ghost Town. She says, “I loved seeing Montana, because it was a place I never would have visited if my father hadn’t gone.” She also liked staying in Missoula for a week because she grew to know the people. Leslie also had this to say about her trips around Montana...

“This past summer I accompanied my father on a business trip to Missoula. While he was working during the day, I got in touch with Montana Adventure Shuttle so that I could do some sightseeing. I had never been to Montana and was looking forward to seeing the area. I made the right choice choosing Montana Adventure Shuttle. I used Sheila's service for 4-5 days and had so much fun. She provided a running commentary for every trip.

I wanted to visit Glacier National Park but did not have a car. Sheila drove me up and back from the park, making it so easy for me. I was able to get a total lay of the land because of the many areas we drive through. My two favorite trips were to the Bison Range and the (Bannack) Ghost Town. {see photos below}

My entire visit was pleasant and fun. I am so glad I was able to find Montana Adventure Shuttle on the internet. The van itself was clean and comfortable, which I feel is important for a good experience. I highly recommend the shuttle - and Sheila is a great driver too!

Leslie D."


Whether I am traveling with one person or a full Shuttle, I enjoy the time I spend getting to know my passengers! I thank Leslie for entrusting me with helping her travel during first visit to Montana, and for sharing her Montana Adventure Shuttle travel experiences here with you!

- Sheila

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