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Tiny Towns and Tourism

It's no secret around these parts that Montana is considered a "rural state." What I lovingly call, "tiny towns", are places where you may have to zoom in a bit to find them on the map, but so often offer big rewards for residents and out-of-state travelers, as well as "the locals".

In Montana, tiny towns dot the vast landscape with their quaint western experiences, unique eateries and beverage stops, offer visitor information as well as a glimpse of rural life in Montana, and much more. There are too many tiny towns in Montana to list as "my favorite", yet I have come to appreciate them all as I travel around the state solo, with family, or with friends and passengers.

Tiny towns are a necessity, and are as much a part of our Montana culture as are our larger cities, and the numerous out-of-state visitors who boost our tourism industry. Visitors to our tiny towns often find their time in "Big Sky Country" enhanced, seeing and experiencing something unique as they help boost the towns' economies, which also helps them sustain the long "off-seasons".

From east to west, north to south, on Indian reservations and around our beloved national parks, wherever you find Montana's small towns, you can be sure they will receive you with a smile and share the best that small town life here has to give. What you will leave with is a lasting memory of your time there (no matter how brief), and very likely, a story to tell of Tiny Town, Montana!

~~~~ Let's go!~~~~

Some MTAS Adventure Tours that take your group to or through our small towns:

Silver & Gems Tour (visits Philipsburg, Anaconda, Deer Lodge)

Hot Springs Tours: (visit towns like St. Regis, Boulder, Anaconda) ... more to come!

Photo: Philipsburg, MT... What a "cool" small town!

Featured in the newsletter, "In The Driver's Seat": Noxon, MT:

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