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You Don't Have to 'Go-it Alone'!

Traveling Solo? From my perspective--behind the wheel, and on the phone with potential clients--you don't have to 'go-it alone'! In the young life of my business, I have encountered a handful of solo travelers--younger and older--who take an extraordinary step in their lives to experience a new adventure! While traveling alone can sometimes feel intimidating at first, it can be comforting to have a connection in at least one of the places to which they will be traveling.

As a frequent source of local tourism and travel information in the Missoula and surrounding areas, I am often asked to help with passengers’ travel logistics, as well as share my opinion about what might be suitable for them to see, experience, or where to stay. For people traveling alone, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out every detail of their journey, especially if traveling alone itself is a new experience, and the places to which they are venturing are new to them. Fortunately, for the travelers that contact me for help, I enjoy the planning phase of any journey, as much as the journey itself (ok, almost as much). Likewise, I enjoy seeing the plans come together, and resulting in a trip going smoothly, and completed in such a way where my passengers simply get to enjoy the ride and their time at their destinations!

I have noticed often, too, that first-time travelers to Montana benefit by doing a little bit of homework beforehand, such as study maps of the area. When online, zoom-in on what is located in the area, to see what’s available. If the internet ‘isn’t your thing’, call me, or other local experts, lodging professionals and chambers of commerce, tourism boards and travel consultants, and even local retail or restaurant staff to become more connected before your journey, which may allow you to feel more familiar and immediately more comfortable upon arrival at your destinations.

So, go…go alone, even, if you feel so adventurous that you must get out and se the world! Try not to let fears of going alone in unfamiliar territory stop you from experiencing what is often thought of to be one of the most valuable practices in life—travel. When you venture to Missoula, Montana, or anywhere else in the state, take it or leave it—the advice, or even the plans, if you dare—but go!

Safe travels, and happy trails my friend!


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