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MTAS Explores ~ The Shuttle's Exploratory Adventures

"What's Bozeman like?" I have been asked. Out-of-state passengers often hear things about various places in Montana, but do not always have time to visit them. It is, after all, a very large state! Since the Shuttle's nature is to explore, it can often be found taking solo adventures (well, with me in the driver's seat, of course)...traveling around Montana, from its cities to its "tiny towns".

These trips encompass a few angles and purposes at once: to reach out and learn about local tourism in the area, to get to know the city or town's citizens, and experience the place--from local food to local trails, lodges and all the place may have to offer the intrigued visitor (like myself). Far and wide, from Missoula to Whitefish, to Bozeman and Billings, The Shuttle will be on the road, year-round--sometimes with, sometimes without a plan...

"Wanna go!?" I ask; because you are more than welcome to join me! Pack your spontaneity and be prepared for anything... Exploratory trips are fun; and in Montana, full of beauty, charm, and the great outdoors...

Let's go!

Follow the new blog series, "MTAS Explores..." and find your inspiration for traveling Montana!

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