The Business of Outdoor Recreation

As December rolled in, I was thrilled to begin the month by attending the first-ever Business of Outdoor Recreation Summit, held in Whitefish, MT. A two-day gathering of like-minded individuals, organizations (government, non-government, non-profits), business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else interested, offered a wealth of information and inspiration—all in the name of the noble pursuits of promoting outdoor recreation and conservation.

Hosted by the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation, with the assistance of numerous partners, the message was clear: outdoor recreation is not only necessary in life, fondly practiced by people the world over for many reasons, and often a money-making opportunity for local businesses, but it also goes hand-in-hand with land and water conservation. The energy at the conference was full of excitement, as we gathered to talk, learn from each other, share ideas, challenges and stories of both success and failures in our pursuits, and network. The conference off