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The Bison Range Tours

Take a drive on the wild side...binoculars included!

Rising above the beautiful Mission Valley, in the heart of the Flathead Indian Reservation, in view of the incredible Mission Mountains, The Bison Range is home to a diverse mix of wildlife including American bison, elk, and many other species that call the Range home.


Basic tours are the "Long Tour" and "Short Tour", driving tours ONLY of the Range. These include pick-up at your location in Missoula, travel to TBR visitor center (open seasonally), then continue on the designated tour routes.  Note: The Long Tour is only available during spring and summer months, when seasonal road closures are not in place; the Short Tour route is available year-round. 

Package tours include the "Long Tour" and "Short Tour", plus a loop around Ninepipes Wildlife Refuge, with a stop for lunch at Ninepipes Lodge's Allentown Restaurant. Additional stops/add-ons include Ninepipes Native and Western history museum (next to restaurant), and/or St. Ignatius Mission, other gift shops en route... [Additional fees apply with add-on stops] 

ALL tours are PRIVATE tours, reserved just for your group; available for basic or packaged tours; seating 1-11 passengers. Includes entry fee to refuge, any necessary extra shuttle time, and include binoculars for each passenger, and more...

* See tour details below...Book online, or contact for availability


Bison Range - The Long Tour

(available June 1-Oct 31 only)

Visit the Bison Range visitor center, travel up the scenic and winding Red Sleep Mountain Rd to the summit, and enjoy stunning views at the peak elevation of 4,885 feet. Photo opps, short walks, picnic area access...

Approximate trip time: half-day


Small Group (2-5 passengers): $465

Large Group (6-10): $511

Bison Range - The Short Tour

This route is shorter and stays on the lower "Prairie" road, yet does not disappoint, with opportunity to see the various wildlife, and excellent views of the Mission Valley and Mission Mountains.

Approximate trip time: half-day


Small Group (2-5 passengers): $384

Large Group (6-10): $422

options presented at checkout

*solo travelers inquire about pricing

The Bison Range "Wild 'n' Scenic Mission Valley Tour"


After your tour of the Bison Range, we travel to the Ninepipes Wildlife Refuge to the Ninepipes Lodge for scenic lunch stop, overlooking the refuge. Following lunch, you may stroll next door to the gift/coffee shop. An add-on to this tour includes Ninepipes Native and Western history museum (on-site), or, St. Ignatius Mission, en route back to Missoula.  


(available June 1-Oct 31 only)

Approximate trip time: full day

 Starting at $665


Approximate trip time: full day

 Starting at $584

*solo travelers inquire about pricing

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