Tour of Missoula

Get a glimpse of life in the valley, get your bearings, maybe some photos...

See the Missoula Valley from all angles, with this one-of-a-kind driving tour!  

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Want more than just a driving tour?

Add a one-hour lunch or activity to your tour...

Suggestion activities include (but are not limited to):  a stroll or guided tour of the University of Montana campus or,

a walk or bike ride on a local trail, visit to historic Fort Missoula, and more! 

The Tour of Missoula can be customized, shared or private.

Mountain biking or road bicycling enthusiasts wanting 'bigger rides', please visit the Bicycling Montana page.

Driving Tour only

Approximate trip time:  up to 2 hours

Small Group (2-4 Passengers): $88

Lg. Group (5-7 Passengers): $101

Driving Tour with 1-hour activity or 1-hour Lunch*

Approximate trip time:  up to 3 hours

Small Group (2-4 Passengers): $129
Lg. Group (5-7 Passengers): $148
*meal costs not included; equipment rentals not included

Private Tour of Missoula

includes perimeter tour, 1 hour for meal, 1 hour activity

Approximate trip time:  up to 4 hours

fee: $282

Above options are presented during checkout.

See also Additional Links below for more info.

* Please try to book at least 24 hours before expected date of service, or contact for availability!

Additional information / Links


A Walk in the Park, or on a Trail

* Paved riverside and park trails are also available for extended tour options; contact MTAS for ideas!

Other Links:

* University of Montana Admissions (campus tours):

* Historical Museum at Fort Missoula:

* Missoula Smokejumpers Center:

* Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

* Montana Natural History Center:

* Missoula Art Museum:

* A Carousel for Missoulaj and Dragon Hollow: 



* Montana Club Restaurant menu:  (family-friendly)

* Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli menu:  (family-friendly)

* The Iron Griz - An American Bistro: