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Tour of Missoula

Get a glimpse of life in the valley, get your bearings, maybe some photos...

See the Missoula Valley from all angles, with this one-of-a-kind, "no frills" tour!

All tours are Private tours, beginning and ending in downtown Missoula, unless other locations requested.

Want more than just a driving tour?

Add lunch at a local eatery or a 1-hour activity to your tour...

Suggestion activities include (but are not limited to):  a stroll or guided tour of the University of Montana campus,

a walk or bike ride on a local trail, visit to historic Fort Missoula, and more! 

Driving Tour only

Approximate trip time:  up to 2 hours

Small Group (2-5 Passengers): $149

Lg. Group (6-11 Passengers): $163

Driving Tour with 1-hour Activity

Approximate trip time:  up to 3 hours

Small Group (2-5 Passengers): $219

Lg. Group (6-11 Passengers): $240

Driving Tour with Lunch

Approximate trip time:  up to 3.5 hours

Above options are presented during checkout.

See also Additional Links below for more info.

* Please try to book at least 48 hours before expected date of service, or contact for availability!

Additional information / Links


A Walk in the Park, or on a Trail

* Paved riverside and park trails are also available for extended tour options; contact MTAS for ideas!

Other Links:

* University of Montana Admissions (campus tours):

* Historical Museum at Fort Missoula:

* Missoula Smokejumpers Center:

* Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

* Montana Natural History Center:

* Missoula Art Museum:

* A Carousel for Missoula and Dragon Hollow: 



* Montana Club Restaurant menu:  (family-friendly)

* Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli menu:  (family-friendly)

* The Iron Griz - An American Bistro:  

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