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The Montana Adventure Shuttle, LLC

Testmonials for Montana Adventure Shuttle, LLC
Missoula is home
to endless opportunities for countless outdoor activities. From recreation in nature to sporting events, artistic, musical, and cultural events, and from farmers markets to festivals to brewery visits, and more.  Missoula has been my home for over 25 years. 
The Shuttle
was designed to offer a sustainable transportation solution for recreationists and travelers
who seek an alternative method of accessing the great outdoors,
as well as a unique, 'boutique' service for tours around Montana.
cycling shuttle in MT
Sheila - Owner of Montana Adventure Shuttle, LLC
Kayak trips with Montana Adventure Shuttle
Sheila--MTAS Founder, Owner/Operator
Shuttle service in Missoula, MT for cycling and mountain biking

The move "out west" from the east coast was inspired by the goal to obtain my education at the School of Forestry at the University of Montana. I graduated from "UM" in 1999 with BS in Resource Conservation, and soon became a mother, of three children...  A lover of Nature and animals, I am also a perpetual writer and photographer, as well as an entrepreneur with a very active outdoor lifestyle--a lifestyle, I noticed, that fit in quite well here in Missoula!

Among some of the activities that are popular with the 'locals', are some of my favorites: cycling (roads and mountains), kayaking, hiking, open water swimming, and backpacking. Add visiting local breweries and restaurants, other local cultural events, and Glacier National Park to the mix, and you now have a wealth of  experiences which helped inspire the launch of this shuttle!


Above all, however, is an insatiable love of travel and exploration, which is what really led me west and enticed me to put down roots here in Big Sky Country.

Sharing these experiences with anyone who is lucky enough to have stepped onto Montana soil--whether residents or visitors--is the other half of the story behind "The Shuttle", and its purpose to serve groups of people who want to explore the beauty and wonders of Montana.

Thank you, sincerely, for joining me on this journey, 

and trusting me with yours!


~ Sheila Lang-Bullard,

Founder, Owner/Operator


"The mountains are calling and I must go."

-  some t-shirt company

(in the spirit of John Muir)

hiking shuttle MT
Kayaking shuttle service to Glacier National Park from Missoula, MT

The Montana Adventure Shuttle welcomes you aboard

to explore, find your inner adventurer, and discover the magic of Montana! 

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