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Videos By the Shuttle and For the Shuttle...

Owner/Operator, Sheila, at Blacktail Ski Area lodge, Winter 2017

Sometimes it's just fun to see life in action! As a former professional photographer, I will always appreciate stills photos, so 'shuttle shots' will always be a part of this Montana Adventure Shuttle Experience... Recently, however, I had the joy and privilege of working closely with several professionals in film and tv, as well as a local photographer, collaborating and helping each other bring our creative dreams to life!

A recent excursion took us (myself and local photographer, Pam Voth of Pam Voth Photography, and Tree and Sky Media) up to Blacktail Mountain Ski Area, to meet the owners. Along the way, though the sky remained mostly gray, Pam was able to take some beautiful photos of the Shuttle, and a began the creation of a great video for MTAS! While photos of the van (aka "baby Beluga") end up mainly on Facebook and Instagram, I was inspired with her video to create a new YouTube channel for the Montana Adventure Shuttle! Please visit as often as you wish to see new adventures in action; this channel will also include any promo videos created, such as Pam's most recent. Then come back to the other social media outlets when you want to see still shots of the adventures of the shuttle and its passengers...

Thank you for watching, and thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more, and as always, I'm looking forward to the next adventure...with you!

Please see and "Like" Pam's Facebook page:

Pam Voth Photography shooting the Montana Adventure Shuttle video

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