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A World of Experience

“A World of Experience”

As with American groups that book “the Shuttle”, I am filled with gratification to see its seats filled with people from all walks of life, and, since its inception, all parts of the globe! In addition to private shuttle experiences, corporate and educational (aka “study groups”) have taken advantage of the Shuttle’s offerings for various purposes, representing various industries and various countries.

From Canada to France, Ireland to India, Australia and Ukraine, my passengers have shared with me that they have enjoyed their experiences abroad while visiting Missoula and the surrounding areas, as well as the National Parks. I am happy to report that more visitors from overseas are due to arrive here in Missoula this summer, and I am excited to meet them as well!

These visits from our international guests have helped shape not just the scope of the Shuttle, but myself, my knowledge and experience as well! I learn from them, through their eyes, just as they are learning from us--our place we call “home”, and from the industries we share or talk about. The languages may vary but it seems the barriers are broken and overcome by our combined desire to communicate and understand each other. This has been the common denominator while traveling Montana’s roads together.

Montana, whether seen through American or foreign eyes, often surprises people—its scenery and wildlife, vastness, and friendly nature—from any part of the globe; it either reminds them of places they have visited, or, becomes a whole new world to them. I am proud and happy to be here to help shape my passengers’ journeys, if even in some small way, before they return home.

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