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4 Reasons to Enjoy Group Travel

Group Travel benefits

Being self-sufficient is a great practice which is often a life-long learning process that serves us well for many situations in life. However, my experiences with group travel, both as a participant and as the witness of groups traveling together in the Shuttle, have proven that there are so many more wonderful reasons to enjoy traveling together!

Below are just some of reasons to not "go it alone", and to enjoy the company of others!

1. You will gain valuable local knowledge from your driver or guide, and often in-depth historical information from a local’s perspective.

2. You can save money! Group travel harnesses the power of buying in bulk, and spreads the cost of guides, your transportation, and other items across the whole group, giving you more experience per dollar.

3. You can relax!All of the details are taken care of... Plus, independent travel can be a worrisome job, often including the hassle of figuring out logistics and/or feeling vulnerable; group travel allows you to actually enjoy the place and the experience.

4. You can find a travel family. When your crew is unable to travel with you, organized group travel presents a solution; and, you may be just share first-time experiences with someone else! Imagine the conversations that could lead to long-lasting friendships and memories!

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